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eFileCabinet provides document management solutions in the cloud and helps customers manage and protect their data electronically. The company is led by CEO and President Matt Peterson who recently sat down with GeekyCorner to share some helpful tips on document management in the cloud and to tell us why going paperless will help any business.

eFileCabinet was founded back in 2001, can you tell us how it all started and why you decided to focus on cloud services?

The founder of the company was (and still is) a practicing CPA. He grew tired of watching his high-priced accountants walking back and forth to the file cabinet to retrieve files. As a self-described efficiency guru he decided there had to be a better way to manage office files so he gathered together a couple of software programmers, and voilà, eFileCabinet was born. Fast forward to 2008 and the reason we started focusing on cloud based services is because our customers started asking for a robust yet affordable subscription cloud-based document management service that they could access from their computers and mobile devices.

You offer a complete enterprise content management solutions that includes eFileCabinet Desktop, eFileCabinet Online, SecureDrawer, could you briefly describe all of these products?

  • eFileCabinet Desktop is our traditional document management solution that is installed and accessed from a LAN/WAN. Popular features include document previewing, OCR/full text searching, document retention, role-based security, eSignature capabilities and compliance with HIPAA and SEC requirements.
  • eFileCabinet Online is cloud-based and identical in features to its desktop cousin. This is fast becoming our most popular service.
  • SecureDrawer is a cloud-based file sharing client portal solution that allows users to share documents/files in a secure manner. Important to this solution is that while it can be used as a standalone service it is also integrated with eFileCabinet document management (both desktop and online versions) so that you can right click and share files right from where they permanently reside.

Can you convince any small business to go paperless and start using eFileCabinet in less than 50 words?

Ever been frustrated because of lost or misplaced files? Ever wanted to respond immediately to customer information requests? Ever wanted to have 24/7 anywhere access and the ability to safely and immediately share critical business documents? If you answered yes to any of these questions eFileCabinet can help.

Do you have a channel partner program?

If so, what types of partners do you attract? Our most successful channel partners are those that are not solely focused on selling hardware but have the vision to see that hardware is nothing without world-class software that helps end-users become more efficient and productive.

What ultimately makes eFileCabinet's unique for virtual and cloud environments?

It would have to be the flexibility of the eFileCabinet suite. Cloud based file storage and sharing tools are a dime a dozen. Where we separate ourselves is that we offer all of those features along with document/file management solutions that not only store files in a manner that is easy to search and preview, but also the ability to track the lifecycle of the files and to securely share them with fellow company members, customers, and vendors.

 What would you say are the top 5 tips of Document Management in the cloud?

  • Start scanning all paper that comes through your door and store your emails and other electronic files in the appropriate electronic drawer. Think of the system as a central repository for ALL your files and documents.
  • Create a document retention plan and decide the legal requirements (duration) for maintaining files and auto apply that logic in the system. Don’t scan all of your old files. Determine which of those you need to keep and scan those.
  • Train those in your office how to use the system and setup database privileges based on job type, job requirements, and most importantly trust.
  • Create a folder structure that is easy to understand and navigate.
  • Store and archive client emails along with their attachments.

 What is the best advice you have ever been given as an entrepreneur? Solicit other people’s opinions.

•       Your ideas are not always going to be the best.

•       Be willing to give credit to someone else.

•       You don’t always have to accept it but all points of view should be considered.

•       Be teachable.

How is the market evolving this year?

Instead of in the past where electronic document management was considered by many to be a “nice to have” it has evolved into tool that is considered by most as a competitive advantage and a necessary part of doing business. We are seeing a surge in Google search inquiries for electronic document management software.

What are you most excited about at the moment?

That would have to be market penetration into industries and vertical markets that weren’t really on our radar screen just a few years ago. Traditionally, we have had 5 vertical markets that have always been strong for us namely; Accounting, Financial Advisors, Insurance, Medical, and Government. What excites us most is that we are seeing explosive growth across the entire SMB landscape. Just about anyone that has a file cabinet is a strong candidate for the eFileCabinet document management solutions.

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